Character Analysis: Where The Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak is an interesting children’s picture book. The main character is a little boy named Max, who has a wild imagination. He uses all five senses as well as thought and his actions to express his personality as well as how he reacts and interacts with his surroundings. Max’s id, ego and super-ego are greatly shown in this book through the way that the author has portrayed him. Not only is this book a children’s story, but it can also be perceived as a life lesson. Many people go through times in their lives when they make drastic decisions right away, such as leaving home. One may enjoy it for the rest of their lives or only for a little while, just like Max who felt lonely after having fun with the monsters. In this case, people end up going home to be with their family where they are not lonely, and can have more time before making a final decision of what should happen next in their life. Id, ego and super- ego is greatly portrayed in this …show more content…

Again, his ego appears when he decides to go back home. The ego mediates the desires between the id and super-ego, which is what happens in this story. Max decides to go on a journey across the ocean without telling anyone to have some fun, which is his id. As well, his super-ego is his decision to come back home where he knows he will have a good life. His ego is the middle of that when he realizes that he should go home because he has had enough fun, and that he can go back at any time as this island is all his imagination. Ego does play a role in this story, even though it’s not a very big one. Where the Wild Things Are is a classic children’s book that showcases the id, ego and super-ego as well as character traits that should be found in everyone. Not only this, but it can also be perceived as a story to read throughout life that can help and guide people that are going through a transition or an indecisive

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