How Reasonable Is The Reasonable M Police And Excessive Force

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Over the past years, police brutality has become more and more visible in the public eye. The term “police brutality” was first used in the New York Times in 183 (2004), when policeman McManus allegedly clubbed his prisoner, Michael Maher. Brutality, by definition, is savage cruelty. Police brutality is the excessive use of force by police. Excessive force can be any kind of unneeded force, above what is legally necessary to use. McDavid (2011) suggested that the new world order has actually produced a more complex security environment, with multiple threats. In the article, “How Reasonable Is the Reasonable Man: Police and Excessive Force (1994),” Geoffrey and Williams argues that excessive force of police leads to court action of police officers and “most accusations of excessive force are denied at the department level” not only in other countries but also here in Belize. The question of how “reasonable is the reasonable man” arises. Meaning what was the police officer state of mind at that said date of injuring the other party (civilian). Klahm and Tillyer explore the evidence used by police and understanding the last resort of police officers: force. There article, “Understanding police use of force: a review of the evidence (2010),” inscribed that the most commonly used explanatory factors are discussed in terms of their influence on police officers’ decisions to use force during encounters with suspects. Based on the research it appears that few suspect and

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