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On Friday, 10/04/17, V1 Linda West was the victim of suspected elderly abuse and assault with a deadly weapon by S1 Ricardo Sainz via being struck with a black metal stick and suffered a right broken femur. This occurred at 567 Sylvan Street #A, Daly City. V1 West was transported to Stanford hospital via an unknown means.This case will remain open for follow up information. INVESTIGATION:

On Friday, 11/17/17, at approximately 1044 hours, Officer Chittenden and I were wearing full police uniforms and I was driving a fully marked police vehicle when we were dispatched to the Daly City Police station regarding a possible elder abuse. The reporting party, identified as Suella Feggans, requested I contact her via phone call. She stated to San Mateo County Communications her brother-in-law, later identified as S1 Ricardo Sainz, hit her mother, later identified as Linda West, with a metal pipe and threw her down a flight of stairs for a phone call request by reporting party Suella Feggans, identified via RIMS database, regarding her mother, being hit with a metal pipe and being pushed down the stairs by her brother-in-law. I identified RP Feggans mother, Linda West via RIMS database.

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V1 West said he was upset but did not know why. She told me the same morning while he was helping her get down the stairs to the car, S1 Sainz pulled her and she fell down in the stair well. V1 West told me they went to the airport to take a flight to Hawaii. She told me only S1 Sainz and her went on the trip. V1 West said they flew back the very next day but did not remember why and could have been because of her

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