Registered Sex Offender Case Study

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Dominic T. Hicks, DOB 05/01/77 is a known Registered Sex Offender that lives in Unit 6 and was a possible match to the suspect description given by the victim. On 06/24/15, I conducted registered sex offender address verification checks and contacted Hicks at 109 Lake St. S. #6 which is his registered address. At about 0900 hours, Cpl. Crocker and Detective Lansing contacted Wehrman at the hospital. In addition to Wehrman’s original statement she stated that the male that assaulted her had an orange key chain hanging from the front of his pants. She described the suspect as being in his 20’s, dark hair, olive skin, fit build with no facial hair, 5’6” tall, and 140 pounds. Wehrman also stated that the suspect had a tattoo on his right forearm. The tattoo was writing that went from the suspect’s wrist to his elbow. The suspect’s physical description matches Hicks physicals. Hicks also has a tattoo with large …show more content…

I located the KPD Rape Case 15-27355 which identified a subject named Ricardo Oropeza-Quiroz (DOB 12-30-1993) as being contacted with Hicks. It was also determined that Oropeza-Quiroz was an involved party in KPD Hit and Run Case 15-22411. In the Rape case, Hicks and Oropeza-Quiroz were people of interest. That case is still under investigation. In the Hit and Run case, there were scene photos taken of Oropeza-Quiroz. Detective Brown printed one of these photos to provide to Hicks for possible identification of “Ricky.” We again met with Hicks in the jail and showed him the photo of Oropeza-Quiroz. Hicks immediately recognized “Ricky” in the photo and said, “That’s him.” I also explained to Hicks that we were still looking at his phone and asked if I had the consent to look at his contact list to find Ricky’s phone number. He agreed and modified his stipulation on the consent form to expand the consent to his contact

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