Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 9 P1

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It 's been identified that Tomiwa plays up and damages things mostly during the night so there is a list of steps staff members needs to take to ensure that we do everything what we can do to change his behaviour. To implement these changes we need all to work together and give feedback to each other so please feel free to communicate between each other in regards to Tomiwa 's behavior (especially Rasaq and Marlon as you guys don 't have a chance to talk).

- ABC charts need to be completed as a part of Tomiwa 's monitoring during the night EVERY time when challanging behaviour occurs. (To make it easier I put the ABC charts together with the Sleep Monitoring Form)
- Sleep monitoring charts need to be filled and comments made everytime when …show more content…

- Waking night to do the hoovering and upstairs bathrooms etc. before 23:00hrs to make sure that residents won 't be distrubed at night time.
- Waking night to continue with the cleaning when Tomiwa fall asleep.
- Waking night staff to offer Tomiwa something light to eat before he goes to bed i.e toast/yoghurt etc as the medication he is curently taking makes him very hungry. - Tomiwa to be supervised AT ALL TIME during the day while in his room.
- The day shift staff to keep Tomiwa as busy as possible and involve him in every possible activity. - The day staff to make sure that all necessary cleaning is done during the day and that the laundry is done as waking night staff will be occupated with Tomiwa.

The TV has been placed in T.O 's room for him to watch TV when he go to his room for the night. It is the big TV difficult to move or destroy and it is only temporary solution until he will get a wall mounted TV up in his room. If it will work we can add the things up i.e radio, sensory light etc.
If the challenging behaviour will continue after taking these steps we will look at staffing level and swap around the staff members so everyone can give the feedback.
Please feel free to email/talkto me if you have any ideas in

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