Coach Athlete Relationship Analysis

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This essay is writing to show how Coach – Athlete (Golfer) relationship have an impact on coaching process and to entire lifestyle of both coach and golfer as also to identify potential conflicts and how to maintain them when it happens. It is vital the Golf Professionals to know how to manage and keep interpersonal relationship in high level, how to deal with conflicts and entire coach-athlete interactions.
This paper consider and discuss the key facets of ‘3Cs + 1C’ model created by Sophia Jowett and the impact on the effective coach-athlete relationship as a core for an effective coaching, which is leading to success, both Athlete and a Coach (Fig.1)(PGA,2017).

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Their research and analysis detected seven main categories: conflict management, openness, motivational, preventative, assurance, support, and social networks known as COMPASS model (Rhind & Jowett (2010) and is use as a guide and give coaches direction to develop the ‘4 Cs’ constructs. Consider Coach - athlete as a journey, the Compass model is a navigation for a successful and effective coach – golfer relationship …show more content…

From Compass framework Commitment is associated with Conflict Management, Assurance and Support (PGA,2017).

Develop Complementarity - corresponding (same behaviours) and reciprocal (different behaviours): (Jowett,2016).
➢ Work together (well- co-ordinated)
➢ Lead/follow by example (Role model)
➢ Clarify roles and reinforce rules
➢ Create positive, motivating, innovative and creative environment
➢ Create a friendly and supportive environment
➢ Show responsiveness
➢ Celebrate success (large or small)
➢ See “failure” as a learning opportunity
➢ Show adaptability and

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