Clear Choice Coaching Analysis

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Coaching is teaching and as coaches our goal is to impart self-assurance, motivation and rational strength in our athletes (quote book). At Clear Choice Coaching we concentrate on coaching soccer, basketball, tennis and football, we want to be able to provide all of our clients we encounter the ability to thrive. We have followed many elite programs throughout the United States and we found a common theme and it was no matter the sport, coaches use trial and error until they find trial and success ( quote book). This experimental stage coach’s use is what we call the intellectual part of coaching our sports. We see the need for our coaches to have an understanding of the significance of leadership and being able to instruct our athletes to becoming effective performers and dealing with them individually, helping each one to develop and maintain a winning mentality. …show more content…

At our organization we know that guidance is determined by substance and the style of the coach’s delivery and whether good or bad everything a coach says or does becomes a message that the athletes receive, interpret and respond to mentally (quote book). One of the effective interventions we seek to apply to our coaches is team building. Team building research analysis point out that a sport psychologist professional would be great to help apply these procedures analytically in our program. We want our coaches to be able to inspect the efficacy of their coaching styles and improve the processes that lessen or encumbers our current solidarity among our athletes.

How can the team building approach be enhanced by employing a sport psychologist consultant services at Clear Choice Coaching and what can it do for

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