Two Different Types Of Coaches Essay

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Coaches In sports, coaches are a big factor in the team’s success. Coaches are there to support the team and help them learn about the game. A coach makes the plays and tells the team members when to sub. Most athletic events will not let the team participate without a coach, they would have to forfeit. In the athletic world, there are many different types of coaches. There are the coaches who think they know everything, the coaches who know what they are doing but do not care, and the coaches that actually care and want to succeed. First, the coaches that think they know what they are doing. These types of coaches act like they know the game, but they really do not. They put on a show for the crowd and parents but really have no clue what is happening. When a team has this type of coach, they usually don’t have the best record. The coach sometimes doesn’t call the right plays or confuses the team by what they say. A coach…show more content…
This type of coach knows how the game works and what calls to play. A coach like this puts effort into helping the team members and has a drive to win. These coaches teach the players their positions and put extra work into making sure they are successful. They drive each player to work their hardest and be the best they can be. This is one of the best types of coaches because they lead teams to championships. All in all, the different types of coaches are numerable. The various types of coaches can change the entire game, depending on the sport. A coach plays a very important role in every school and sport. Coaches are supposed to be there to push the players farther in their abilities and help the team succeed. Although, it depends, there are many different types of coaches like the coach that thinks they know everything, the coach that knows a lot but does not care, and the coach that knows what they are doing and actually cares, and some don’t get their jobs

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