High School Athletic Director Essay

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Coaches have many responsibilities on and off the field, however could you imagine what it would be like to be responsible for nine separate sport teams in addition to managing a budget and all the while preparing for and teaching classes? This is a typical daily duty of an athletic director. High School athletic directors are generally still classroom teachers who are responsible for monitoring the academic and graduation rates of student athletes, parents, and faculty to resolve problems .
Athletic directors must be highly skilled at public relations. They need to develop strong relationships with donors and booster organization that help raise revenue for their departments. They also speak at high schools, fan fests, and sports awards dinners. They also oversee staff that produces and disseminates public relations material about the athletic program . In addition an athletic director is an …show more content…

Athletic directors was formally created by college administrators who saw the need to run their institution athletic programs, with rule changes and NCAA regulation, college athletics blossomed in the second half of the 20th century . After World War II. Athletic directors played an important role in the growth of collegiate athletics during this time but it was not until the first and second National conferences on athletic administration in colleges and universities in 1959 and 1962 , respectively that these professional organization. At the third such conference in 1965 , the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics(NACDA) was founded to serve the needs of athletic directors at junior and four year colleges . The association boasts a membership of over 6,000 athletic directors and associate and assistant athletic directors at NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, colleges throughout the united states. (Careers In Focus. New York:

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