Carl Granic A Logical Candiadate For The Jefferson Award

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Carl Granica: A Logical Candiadate for the Jefferson Award It is essential to have mentors or leaders for kids so that they find what they want to do. According to, The Jefferson Award awards people for doing something good or being nice to people. It recognizes people working with young people who need help or adults who help them feel better about themselves. Someone who helps youth or is worth noticing is Carl Granica. Carl Granica helps young people with sports and wants them to be the best. Carl Granica deserves the Jefferson Award because he influences youth to play sports and wants to help them get better. One reason that Granica deserves the award is that he is a positive influence. According to “The 10 Characteristics …show more content…

In an article called “7 Leadership Qualities Every Coach Needs,” (2019) by Ohio University, it says, “As a coach, your job is to help the team members believe in themselves and consistently perform beyond their own expectations. To help them reach their full potential, you must motivate the players to think outside of their mental comfort zones”. Helping people get better at things is just one way an adult can help younger people. For example, Excellent coaching requires the ability to treat athletes as more than sports figures. You must have a genuine concern for the players’ personal lives, rather than viewing outside influences as distractions. Excellent coaching requires treating athletes as more than figures. Furthermore, Jon fox shared this example, he has also shared Carl Granica coach youth, Jon Fox says this, “Carl Granica teaches youth the proper ways to play the game, then the next time the team or player played they did what he wanted them to do.” This shows that Carl Granica likes to teach kids how to play basketball or other sports and teach them the right way to play. It is clear to see that Coach Carl Granica deserves The Jefferson Award because he is a high-quality coach. Carl Granica has a positive impact on youth and he will continue to do so. In the claim, It is essential to have mentors or leaders for kids so that they find what they want to do. It still shows how good of a coach, and person Carl Granica is in th community. Carl Granica will make an impact on young people's life by showing them new skills and passing the value of coaching down to younger

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