How Does Kristen Niles Deserve The Jefferson Award

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Kristen Niles: A Very Logical Candidate for the Jefferson Award The Jefferson Award is an award for mentors who impacted someone’s life forever just like my teacher Kristen Niles did. Mentors need positivity and inspiration and all the good things needed to be good leaders. The Jefferson Award recognizes mentors in their communities. One person worth recognizing for this award is third-grade teacher Kristen Niles. Kristen Niles deserves this award because she demonstrates positivity and she is very good at what she does. One reason that Kristen Niles deserves this award is her positivity. According to the organization of Firespring inspiration is a good thing to have as a mentor in the article it states, “One of the most important …show more content…

Niles showed a lot of Positivity towards all of her students and even through my struggles in my personal life outside of school. She even helped me advance in my classes outside of school she made me feel like I meant something This supports the idea that Positivity helps people and that Mrs. Niles deserves the award because she made me feel like I was worth something because she showed me how to be positive in my life and that has helped a lot. Additionally, Bentley Eckert, another student in my class he said, she congratulated me and cheered me on when I did a good job on my book report even helped me with my book report outside of class and it really helped me improve my understanding of the book.” This means that she also supports and helps students outside of class which shows how inspiration could help students like him by her cheering when he did a good job and got a good grade. Kristen Niles will surely be inspirational towards many students. She will help students in the long run change their perspective and change their …show more content…

Even when she noticed students misbehaving she took care of it appropriately and was not too harsh with her punishments. In the article, “Mentor Skills You Should Have to be Successful” by Bogdan Radusinovic, a therapist, says, “Mentorship skills are vital for any professional working in this field. Aside from the ability to listen effectively and help people, this type of experience will enhance your resume. For every person who is pursuing a career, the knowledge and guidance of a good mentor are essential skills like inspiration and patience are essential” (2022). This shows how inspiration is very essential with being a

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