Brief Biography Of Mary Mcleod Bethune

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Mary McLeod Bethune was born on July 10 in 1875. Her parents were Patsy and Samuel McLeod. Mary was born the third youngest child out of her seventeen siblings and she was also the first born into freedom. Opportunities came for Mary that her older siblings may not have had and Mary didn’t pass them up. Mary graduated from Scotia Seminary in Concord, NC in 1894. Mary wasted no time a year later she graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.
Mary was teaching at Kendall Institute in Sumter, SC when she met another teacher by the name Albertus. They married each and Mary birthed their son by the name of Albert McLeod Bethune o February 3, 1899. They lived in savannah, Georgia for a while until they relocated to Palatka, fl. Mary’s commitment to teaching children came in between her marriage. After living in Palatka for five years Mary was encouraged to move to Daytona were plenty of African American families were relocating to help work on the railroad. This might have been the best decision she ever made knowing that there would be children in need of an education like any other child growing up as an African American at that time. In that case Mary and her son arrived to Daytona in …show more content…

She also left us “love, hope, the challenge of developing confidence in one another, thirst for education, faith, racial dignity and so on. Mary was a dignity and so on. Mary was loving, compassionate women from what I know. She cared about everyone in need of an education and till this day her legacy remains. The school she started still stands way different than she left it. Thousands of students are becoming more educated than ever by attending this university. I thank her so much, without her I don’t know what school I’ll be attending till this day. Her decisions and actions in this world are still changing lives in our

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