Park Ridge Country Club Mission Statement

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The Park Ridge Country Club was started by Dr. A.G Buchheit and a group of people that shared interest in starting a country club in 1906. The golf course was designed by Herbert J Tweedie and was originally a 9-hole course but later was changed to an 18-hole course. The course was also recently renovated in 2001 the course was restructured by David Esler to make it better for the golfers by redesigning certain holes. The clubhouse was created in 1925 and has been remodeled over the years. The country club hosts several tournaments throughout the year. The country club built 3 tennis courts in 1940 and added a pool to the property in 1958. The pool area also includes a snack shop. The snack shop offers a more limited options in food. The food …show more content…

Some things that the country club has are things such as swim meets for kids, wine tastings to participate in, it offers different banquet rooms for members to have parties and events in, and many other opportunities for members to interact with other members. The club also offers sports such as swimming, tennis, golf and soon it will offer paddle tennis. All of these activities have highly trained professionals to help members become better at their sport. Something that is not as well developed as it could be is the last line of the mission statement which is, “generates and fosters good will and camaraderie among the members and staff.” This can be seen in the culture of the country club. The people that are higher up within the country club are treated very well by members but the people that and lower and not respected as …show more content…

Some of the reasons could be, to find a community, to be involved in more activities, for business purposes, to improve their golf game, or simply to have a nice place to go for leisure time and to be with friends. The country club is open all year and the busiest times are during the summer and around Christmas time. These are the times they have the most banquets and events and it is the time that people have the most free time to come to the country club. It is also the busiest in the summer because it is the best time to golf and after people golf they usually eat or go to the pool after and this results in more use of the club in different areas. It is busier usually on the weekend because of banquets and because people have more free time to come in. On a normal Saturday night in the summer the grill will be filled with one hundred people a night. There are two different types of members full members and social members. Full members pay a fifty-thousand-dollar initiation fee and eight hundred dollars per month. A social member pays twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars as an initiation fee and four hundred dollars per month. Many clubs have a minimum you have to spend per month, but the park ridge country club does not offer that. Members spend their money on different things at the club. Some extra expenses that may come for members are things such as private lessons and parties. The prices for

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