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Professional association Sports management
(“NASSM Home | North American Society for Sport Management,” n.d.)
NASSM has an important purpose. According to the Purpose & History web page published on the nassm web site , “The purpose of the Society shall be to promote, stimulate, and encourage study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sport management.This statement of purpose means that the members of this Society are concerned about the theoretical and applied aspects of management theory and practice specifically related to sport, exercise, dance, and play as these enterprises are pursued by all sectors of the population (2017).” i believe the nassm web page to be credible …show more content…

Why you trust your source. Your reaction information in the quote.


Where is your professions code of ethics/code of conduct located? How is it organized?

According to the website, the nassm site, “It is organized in five categories and represents the values of a sports agent.” I trust the source because it was written by the most professional people in the organization. I feel amazed from all the responsibility a sports agent has.

(“Ethical Creed | North American Society for Sport Management,” n.d.) What are your professions expectations for ethical behavior?

According to the website, the Nassm site states that sports agent has to have, “Respect. Fairness, and Courtesy. The sport manager should treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, fairness, and good faith.” I believe that’s it’s true because i wouldn’t think i would want to be treated ugly.

What are your professions values?

According to the website, the Nassm site it says the values are, “Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession. The sport manager should uphold and advance the values and ethical standards, the knowledge, and the mission of the …show more content…

According the website, the sports business daily site it says, “ That '09 suit alleges that the two converted in excess of $2M of Bosworth's money for their own personal use. Wichard, who allegedly introduced Bosworth and encouraged him to invest his money with Judd Rothman, was not named as a defendant in the '09 suit.” I trust this site because there is so many cases that are similar to this one. I feel bad for the clients because they get cheated and lose a agent.

What part of the Code of Ethics did this person/organization break?
According to the site, the nassm website says they broke, “The Professional’s Ethical Responsibility to Colleagues/Peers and to the Profession” i trust it because he did break all the responsibility he

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