Tiger Woods Tragic Hero

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A tragic hero is one who has achieved great success, whether it be personal, professional, or both. Through their success this person has managed to catch the attention of the public. They have a good image, a clean slate, but fail to maintain that, by an action or event that completely changes what everyone thinks of them as a person. Tiger Woods is a modern day tragic hero, because of his incredible athletic achievements in golf, he was a hero, however he failed to maintain a good reputation in the eye of the public due to him possessing egotistical and lustful characteristics. As a child and an adult Tiger Woods had a close relationship with his father, who significantly influenced him as a person and golfer. “As a young boy, Woods learned to play golf. His father, Earl, served as his teacher and mentor” (Tiger). Tiger’s father shaped him as a person and an athlete, he was his greatest influence and inspiration. Without his father’s guidance all throughout his life Tiger would not be the person he is today. “Woods experienced a great personal loss in 2006, when his father died in May after …show more content…

“The message was clear: although Uchitel was the first extramarital affair to be exposed, she was not the only one” (Helling). Tiger’s downfall happened suddenly when his multiple affairs were exposed. However, it did not stop there, as several other women recall stories of having similar relations with Tiger. “When this most private man would see his serial infidelity splashed out tabloid-style. An ugly divorce. A confession to sex addiction. Rehab. Celebrated to scandalized, overnight. Woods’ manicured public image was ruined” (Cote). After the first affair was no longer a secret, a plethora of other stories and flaws that Tiger possess became evident. Tiger Woods’ egotistical and lustful personality traits lead to his downfall. Tiger Woods continued to plummet after his initial

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