Legalizing Marijuana In Prison Essay

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I Prison and Enforcement Prisons are being overcrowded in the U.S and if nonviolent marijuana smokers were let out it would decrease prison population by over 3%. When they get out they can go to rehab and get over their addiction. The government could save money convicting prisoners and keeping them in jail. Fewer law enforcements would be required in prisons. A Prison Population There are about 537,000 non-violent marijuana possessors put in American prisons every year. By legalizing marijuana we could get all of these people out of prison and bring them back to their families. Marijuana users are put in danger when brought to jail because they are not tough violent criminals and could be violently assaulted and raped, this creates an unsafe area for them. B Help For Addiction If marijuana users don 't go to jail then they can get to rehab and get proper help for their addiction. Proper help will benefit the user and those around him/her because he/she can help society and everyone around them. C Less cost for prison and incarceration If marijuana smokers don 't go to jail then lots of money can be saved on not having to pay for their needs in jail or spend money on incarcerating them. Every year more than 8 billion dollars are spent on arrests alone for marijuana possession. We could be saving this money and funding more productive research like finding the cure for Cancer or spend it on research to legalize marijuana. D Law Enforcement If police weren

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