Persuasive Speech On Legalizing Marijuana

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Starting from the beginning, I will tell you what marijuana - also called grass, ganja, pot, and various other slang terms - is. Marijuana comes from the Indian hemp plant and is the greenish-brown mixture of the dried flowers of cannabis sativa. When I was younger I used to believe that speaking positively about Marijuana, makes you look like a bad personage or either worse, a criminal. This opinion was based on the false information media produced and on the government laws of my country. However, by enhancing my knowledge, I have decided that cannabis offers so much to humanity, that not only it has many benefits, it has to be legalized. The beneficiary development of the economy, the helpful cannabis medicine and the reduction of the criminality …show more content…

One of these ways is the legalization of cannabis. Alcohol and cannabis act as substitutes. Although this has not been fully demonstrated, people are likely to use cannabis instead of alcohol. To the extent that the legality of cannabis causes less alcohol consumption, it is likely to make society safer due to the fact that alcohol leads to violence, causing weakness and many other dangerous behaviours that have been presented by criminals. Similarly, the reduction of crime is about weakening drug cartels, which at this time take their source of income away. The ban is exactly what generates their income as it keeps their prices quite high. At the same time, the ban apparently failed to destroy the illegal drug market, as the percentage of marijuana users has increased about ten times since the drug get originally illegal. So when cannabis is illegal, users have to turn to illegal ways to get it. This is often done through criminal cartels, which are responsible for terrible violence both in the US and abroad. However, with the legalization of cannabis, the cartels and the black market will get more weak, cutting their basic source of revenue and by this, the crime will reduce. Last but not least, the legalization of cannabis will break the cycle of crime. Last but not least, the legalization of cannabis will break the cycle of crime. Surprisingly, capturing and imprisoning people actually lead to an increase in crime. Once someone is considered a criminal, it becomes much harder for them to find jobs, leases and loans. Μany of them believes that they have to turn to the crime to survive. Possession and use of cannabis is a common offence, so making it lawful, society stops people making this crime and removes them from this crime

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