Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana In Canada

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Legalization of Marijuana The benefits from the legalization of marijuana could benefit consumers, owners of dispensaries, and the government. Advocates of medical marijuana believe it should be covered like any other drug. Marijuana could help people get what they need at a cheaper price because a joint may only cost you $2 or $3. As far as paying for it, it could take the price of other medications that group benefits would pay for (Paterson 3-4). Marijuana oils are very beneficial for numerous things and are considered one of the most helpful oils because of the benefits. Marijuana oils help people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or just can’t get a good night’s rest. The oils from marijuana are also well known for being a good pain…show more content…
Adam Greenblatt is an executive director of Santé Cannabis and says Harper 2 medical marijuana is evolving in Canada because of court rulings. About 30 companies produce and sell medical marijuana in Canada and now in Canada you can now buy medical marijuana through employer-provided health spending accounts. There are 3,486 people who have a production license in Canada. There are also 28,970 people with authorization to possess marijuana in Canada. Also, there are 18,691 people who have a license for personal use in Canada with another 5,392 people who said they would get dried marijuana or marijuana seeds for medical reasons (Paterson 3-5). The legalization of medical marijuana will help the economy. It will bring in money to the government and it will also provide jobs (Blackburn 2). The government legalizing marijuana would benefit the government economically and not just from people who use it medically, but from people who use it for recreational purposes as well as tourists. Medical Marijuana for…show more content…
“People who consume cannabis products may be more inclined to visit places that have legalized cannabis when considering vacation destinations” (Blackburn 2). There is a big business opportunity because of marijuana. It can provide jobs for people and it can also provide revenue from sales and taxes (Blackburn 2). The legalization of marijuana would be the goose that lays the golden egg to not only the people that use it, but to the government and the economy. The United States is trillions of dollars in debt and legalizing marijuana could over time help reduce that amount a little bit. Also these days unemployment is a national problem and legalizing marijuana would cause people to open up marijuana dispensaries which would mean more businesses and more jobs, so it would also cause the unemployment rate to go down. Marijuana and marijuana oils have too many qualities that can benefit most people that it should be available to everyone. The value of the dollar is not very high right now, people are always trying to save as much money as they can and marijuana joints will be much cheaper than buying medication that will do the same thing. Many people in today’s society don’t understand why marijuana hasn’t been legalized everywhere when you look at the economic benefits. Marijuana legalization will provide jobs, help the economy, and help raise the value of the

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