Legalizing Marijuana In Texas

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Marijuana in the state of Texas Marijuana is a word that often comes with a negativity. However, it seems to be a current hot topic these days. In 2012 Colorado legalized marijuana and has caused quite a commotion. Many citizens are left wondering if their state will be next to legalize the drug. The state of Texas has strongly been against the legalization of marijuana for years. Texas is one of the most conservative states in the United States of America. But times are changing and the state need to change with the times. Texas should be the next state to legalize marijuana. First and foremost, it’s medically beneficial. Marijuana over prescription drugs is a all natural way. It doesn’t come with all of those harsh chemicals …show more content…

Expensive fines for negligent use (such as public use, exceeding possession requirements, or irresponsibility) should also be. The War on Drugs is also a big issue. Once we were spending countless amounts of money on arrests, processing and prosecutions of drug-related arrests. For example in November 1996, California adopted a proposition for medicinal marijuana and helped drop the drug crime in California . “The Sinaloa Cartel, led by “El Chapo” Guzman, with most of his control in Baja California, started to lose influence in California because of a decline in the demand for his product, in part to these changes in the law. Guzman shifted his control to the eastern states of Northern Mexico (Durango, Coahuila, and Chihuahua) and violence has increased in Mexico and has spread into the border towns of Texas. In order to alleviate drug crime and murders in Mexico and Texas, it would be prudent to put “El Chapo” out of business. Since drug crime in California has decreased after legalization, it seems plausible to adopt such a law to mitigate drug crime in Texas and our neighbor, Mexico.” …show more content…

Hygienic materials, house material, composites for autos, and construction materials are often made from hemp. Also the whole petroleum/oil war going on the middle east, hemp can make cars mobile. Since hemp is the byproduct of cannabis, these materials would be manufactured at a cheap price. Numerous amounts of farms, stores, and manufacturing facilities would produce employment opportunities for our society, increase industry, and improve the economy. Lawmakers need to open their eyes and look at the bigger picture. Legalizing marijuana can make the state some money and there are many benefits to it. Legalizing marijuana won’t benefit at all for the big corrupt pharmaceutical companies, if the cannabis is passed as a drug for health issues. Maybe that’s why lawmakers haven’t maybe won’t pass the law to legalize Marijuana. Yes the companies can get involved but then somehow it will get corrupt and won’t benefit the citizens. Before anything the citizens need to know what’s wrong these major companies and why these aren 't and are being passed. Marijuana has major benefits and will do great in society. Many things for healthcare and our planet can benefit from

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