Argumentative Essay On Recreational Marijuana

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Let me begin by warning you, this is an extremely controversial topic. Legalizing recreational marijuana should be a top priority for the state of Florida. When put on a scale the benefits outweigh the cons. For one, the crime rate in our state will lower. Secondly, many people cannot afford prescription drugs, recreational marijuana can be used for various ailments and its health benefits exceed expectation. To add, recreational marijuana is taxable! Therefore, it is money that can be put into our communities. Recreational marijuana as intimidating as some may think, can actually benefit our community in many ways. To begin, many believe legalizing marijuana would cause crime to increase, on the contrary legalizing it will lead to a decrease of crime. Imagine that getting your hands on marijuana was as accessible as cigarettes in a gas station, how many illegal cigarette dealers have been punished in jail with the maximum sentence for selling cigarettes? It is almost unheard of. The same will go with marijuana, easy access will push drug dealers out of business. The people of Florida fund prisons and officers with our taxes, legalizing will decrease how many officers are focused on looking for marijuana buyers and sellers. Additionally, lowering the inmate …show more content…

Legalization can lower the crime rate. Not to mention that marijuana is an affordable alternative for those seeking it for medical purposes. In the same sentiment the health benefits of marijuana have surpassed the expectations of even the most skeptical. To end, the taxing of recreational use will impact our public schools significantly in a positive way. The children of the future deserve any chance for success. Legalizing a drug that’s been illegal for decades seems intimidating and nerving but if we instead focus on all the good that comes from legalization, we just may be taking a step towards the right

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