Argumentative Essay: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Name: Stephen Mastro
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Directions: Using good sources like Gale Databases, SIRS,Google News, NY Times, etc. fill out the worksheet. Please submit it to by Monday night 11:59 PM

Issue: Should marijuana be legalized or not.

I: Define the Problem:
Why is this an issue in America today? Please provide a historical summary of what makes it an issue today

This is an issue today because once you start using it you become dependent on it. You are also exposing yourself to carcinogens present in the smoke. Studies have shown if you use this drug you are more likely to experience problems at school, home, or at your job. A person already has enough problems they face in daily life, they don 't need anymore from taking
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On this topic some people think marijuana should be legalized while others do not think this drug should be. From the side of people that want marijuana legalized, some people just think its cool to use. Some people think that taking the drug is having no effect on them and will not have an effect on them. People think that using this drug is not addictive. For the side of people that do not want marijuana legalized, smoking weed can translate to not doing well in school. Students who smoke weed are inapt to getting lower grades and less likely to graduate. Workers who smoke are more likely to experience a variety of absences, problems, tardies, accidents, etc.compared to workers who don 't. Marijuana is an addictive and dangerous drug.

Sources Used: Margolis, Robert. "Legalizing Marijuana Would Harm Teens." Legalizing Drugs, edited by Stuart A. Kallen, Greenhaven Press, 2006. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 2 Feb. 2017. Originally published as "Marijuana Harmless? Hardly," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 30 Dec. 2002.

"Marijuana Myths & Facts." Marijuana Myths & Facts, 01 Jan 2004, pp. 1-44. SIRS Government Reporter,

Provide statistics/data that defend the arguments of BOTH SIDES (polling numbers, money spent, etc...) You will find this in articles you read on the subject that they use to support their viewpoint,
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Please outline at least 3 policies at either the federal, NYS law, or local level. Also keep in mind courts may have ruled on this issue as well you may include that in your response (Anything on a government published website is considered “policy”).

The New York State Assembly easily approved a law legalizing medical marijuana last Tuesday, and there appear to be enough votes to pass similar legislation in the State.

Sources Used: "A Vote on Medical Marijuana." New York Times, 2 June 2014, p. A20(L). Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 6 Feb. 2017.

Your opinion on the law:

The New York State Department of Health today announced that it has officially filed amendments to the Medical Use of Marijuana regulations that will authorize nurse practitioners to register with the Department to certify patients for medical marijuana as of the end of November.

Sources Used:

Your opinion on the law:

If you are arrested for charges relating to illegal possession of marijuana in New York, the penalties you face will often depend on the amount of marijuana you possessed and your intended use for

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