Pot Barons Of Colorado Analysis

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In the latest’s marijuana documentary, Pot Barons of Colorado, The “Race for Aurora” is a race for licensure for sales of marijuana in the state of Colorado. Colorado being a state that recently legalized recreational use of marijuana has pot dispensary owners looking to cash in on the marijuana industry. In the documentary the city of Aurora announced they were issuing only twenty-four dispensary licenses; being the states third largest city in Colorado and up and coming, Aurora seemed to be the perfect place for these dispensary owners to set up shop. The race began as the owners rush against time and deadlines to meet specific requirements from the state. The documentary shows the ups and downs these owners endure to be apart of this booming business. For instance, Marijuana is legal by the state of Colorado however; under federal law its still illegal. Jamie Perino of Euflora purchased a bank for about a million dollars, her initial plan is to use is as a dispensary location. If her plan falls through she can use it to charge a fee to the competition to store their money. In Colorado most banks are backed by the federal government, marijuana is illegal by the federal government so they wont allow the banks to …show more content…

Some people argue that it can be good to use it for medical purposes only while others say it should be legal for recreational purposes as well. My personal opinion, all states should legalize the recreational use of marijuana just as alcohol is sold legally. As far as the crime I think crime rates will decrease, there won’t be a need to hide and sell weed because it’s legal. The reason for drug related crime is it comes with a punishment possible jail time. Selling drugs comes with a risk, a risk that street drug dealers were willing to take for tax-free

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