Lakirah V. Bryant Attack Case Study

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On 01/27/16, Lakirah told the reporter that she was whipped by her stepfather the night before and her mother before school today. According to the reporter, Mr. Bryant found a second cell phone Lakirah used to contact her biological father. The reporter stated Mr. Bryant told the child to pull her pants down and begin to beat her with a cow skin leather strap and his fist. The reporter stated Lakirah was hit in the eye with her stepfather’s fist and her left eye is swollen. Per the reporter, Lakirah tussled trying to get away from Mr. Bryant because it hurt and this is when he hit her with his fist. Ms. Cullop stated that Lakirah has visible marks on 3-4 areas of her back and the bottom of her left leg is bruised; Lakirah doesn’t need any …show more content…

When the child told the adult neighbor what happened, she called Mrs. Bryant; Mrs. Bryant told the neighbor she didn’t have time for that and hung the phone up. The reporter stated Lakirah called her grand father and he came to pick her up. Ms. Cullop stated that Lakirah stayed with her grandfather for the night and when her mother got off this morning she went to pick the child up. The reporter stated when the child and her mother got home, Mrs. Bryant whipped her with the same strap and Mr. Bryant, punched her down stairs, and threw a metal trash can at her. Ms. Cullop stated law enforcement was called to the school to take the child’s statement and they have also taken pictures of Lakirah’s bruises. The reporter stated Lakirahs’ mother told her if she told anyone what happened she would kill her and doesn’t care if she dies anyway; Lakirah is afraid to go home this afternoon after school lets out. The reporter stated that the family has previous history with DHS and after the interview, the child’s parents got her again. Ms. Cullop also expressed concerns for a bruise seen on the child’s neck and looks like someone may have grabbed her but Lakirah told her she ran into a

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