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In the United States, representation of democratic government has very close relationship with geography. The United States is currently operating the federal system of government, which means that power is divided between different levels of government such as local, state, and federal. For each level of government, population and geography is one of the biggest deciding factor. First of all, there are three elected position, and they represent different range of the country. President, who has 4 year term, represents the entire country, and 2 senators representing each state make up 100 senators who have six year term. Lastly, 435 representatives speaks for certain amount of people. Especially senators and representatives are directly related to …show more content…

The process of choosing the ratio of population versus representative is very interesting. First step is census that is held every 10 years by federal government to get a precise number of population. Second step is to appoint; by dividing the total number of House seats by population, the federal government will appoint certain number of representatives a state can have. Then, a state has to make districts. Since this process is left up to the state government, state government will make districts to favor a specific party. This is called Gerrymandering. State government would make a district that consists of minority, and rest of the districts will be majority, making it advantageous for certain party. This is not illegal because superficially, it is making the minority percentage higher. It is only illegal when they intentionally lower that minority percentage. Therefore, in my opinion, this method of selecting district is hurting the minority right because it is limiting minority’s

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