Persuasive Essay On Smoke Gun Ads

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Smoke Gun Advertisement Ever since the first cigarette was made, smoking has become a problem for our country, and it continues to negatively affect the people who smoke and even those who do not. People who smoke are damaging their health and making themselves susceptible to diseases like lung cancer and emphysema. People who do not smoke can be exposed to second-hand smoking, which can lead to serious health risks as well. The government has taken action to help the health of the country by paying for and creating anti-smoking advertisements to persuade smokers to quit or to prevent others from smoking in the future. Some anti-smoking advertisements are successful because they use the prospect of death to frighten people. In the article “The Language of Advertising,” Charles A. O’Neill explains, “In reality, advertising mirrors the fears, quirks and aspirations of the society that creates it” (O’Neill 376). The “Smoke Gun” advertisement above is a …show more content…

Advertising ads might seem simple, but they are well thought out and always have some type of motivation behind them. Advertisements try to get you interested and grab attention by using specific tactics and methods. What makes this advertisement successful is that it appeals to viewers’ feelings and by mirroring our fear of death. In the “Smoke Gun” advertisement, the shocking visuals and fear-provoking text uses the possibility of death and suicide to quit or stay away from smoking. Linking our feelings to the sadness and seriousness of the image and text helps the message sink in deeper than it would if it did not connect to people’s emotions. The advertisement effectively makes viewers understand that smoking is something people should refrain from and helps smokers lean towards quitting. By using advertisements like this “Smoke Gun” ad, the government can slowly push towards a smoke-free

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