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Natalie Pellenz A.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos Quiz #2

1. This ad is using Ethos as a mode of persuadion because the audience does not test its credabillity since the trust the person who created the ad due to the posture and means of writing. The ad is also very realistic because it is in first person point of view, which is when the woman in the ad talks directly to the audience. She does this in order to build a connection. The audience will trust the ad because he or she will not only just see this as a common ad, but also as an example of what could happen to them. The posture of the woman in the ad makes the audience understand that it is a serious problem and that she is showing the world what smoking can do to someone.

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It is Ethos because the audience relies on many ads when it comes to medicine because they know that it comes from someone who has studied it such as doctors and farmacists. They will not question how trustworthy it actually is since it includes facts about the produt and we can see the positive effect it has on people because of the mother and daughter who are laughinb. The point of view of this ad is a camera shot from the top. The camera looks down at a mother, daughter and a dog happily lying on grass on a sunny day. The purpose of this was the make the audience see how affective Allegra is since the people seem to be having no problems with allegies after taking it. The position is non existent. There is no brand name in specific even though we already know what the name of the product is. This …show more content…

This ad is using Pathos because it uses emotional appeals to persuade the audience that it is the most relaxed and calm airlines that will allow them to do some “soul searching”. It sortof plays with the audience’s emotios since it promises us a de-stressed flight. The candles, the sunset, the water all persuade the audience that if they fly Carribbean Airlines they will have a flight that will make them feel like they are sitting in that same setting. As thr audience looks at the picture in the ad they will feel the stress relief. The point of view is that the ad in talking in first person, directly to the audience. With this, they will feel more invited and welcomes if they fly with that airline. It is definitely Pathos because the ad is telling the audience how to feel and how they will feel once they are seated on that

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