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The picture I chose, shows an image that is in the public eye of today’s society, the image of smoking and how people can be affected by it. In this picture, viewers can see how smoking can really affect one’s life and how the addiction can be harmful to not only the outside of the body, but also the inside. This photo shows a controversial side of the appeal that people become addicted to cigarettes and, even after trying to go cold turkey, some people still cannot get over the addiction. The first thing that is noticed is the noose. The noose is being wrapped around the woman’s neck comparing the cigarette to the noose in attempt to show death. The next thing noticed is the knife, in attempt to show the smoker slicing their wrist. The ad…show more content…
People who smoke cigarettes are addicted to things that they know are not healthy, but the addiction is what kills them. This picture is great for showing the side effects of smoking as well as a firsthand account of how smoking can trigger an addiction that to some may be incurable and when they are ready to stop, it may be too late.
In class we discussed how to find the ethos, pathos, and logos of an advertisement. First up is ethos. I researched and found that ethos is used to convince the viewer that the ad is trustworthy. The ethos of the ad is trustworthy because it was created by the CDC. The CDC is extremely credible and they are known all over the world.
Second is pathos, pathos is the sadness or pity in an advertisement. Pathos helps the viewer relate to the ad by affecting the emotions of the viewer. Using pathos in this ad is a strong asset that the ad has to offer. When the viewers see the noose, they think of death. The CDC is using the views on nooses and knives to help relate smoking to
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The weapons stand out due to the solid black background, but the weapons that are made from the smoke from the cigarette. There isn’t much repetition in this ad, but one thing that is repeated is the use of weapons demonstrating the effects that smoking has on one’s health. The ad used two effects to emphasize the amount of effects smoking can cause. The alignment plays a role in this ad by putting the noose in the ad. When people look at ads, they generally look at the center first, so putting the noose around the models neck immediately grabs people’s attention. Finally, the proximity of the cigarettes and the noose and knife shows us that they are linked in some
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