A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Advertisement plays a big role in our society and it’s a way of attracting people ‘s attention. For instance, McDonald’s website illustrates a vision of focus, perspectives and colors to approach the audience in a way of selling products only using three methods. These methods are logos, pathos, and ethos. Logos is an argument or form based on a logic, pathos make appeals based on emotions and ethos is the form or appeal of character or credibility. Using these three methods is a way to analysis how McDonalds persuade, inform, and reminder in advertisement. As a community it’s our duty to understand how global market corporation use advertisement to sell. In the first place, I looked for an interesting admeasurement in the internet. Out of nowhere I decide to choose McDonald website because they have a lot of views from consumers. McDonald website focus in logos to transmit their advertisement on facts, percentages and a lot of words and information. For example, in the bottom of the page it has a percentage of 80 % that represent the number of how many McDonald restaurants are in the world. Also next the percentage it mentions, “More than 80% of McDonald’s operated by independent local business men and women.” It grabs reader’s attention of thinking that McDonald’s food is amazing and …show more content…

Using logos, pathos and ethos influence the people and always has a purpose of why they create the advertisement and for who. Majority of all the advertisement can be for child, teenagers, and adult. The point is cooperation’s or business has a message of representation from their companies that it makes them unique but people has to have more power of controlling how they react to advertisement and pay attention to little details. Advertisement has purpose, audience and language and in common it has persuaded, inform and

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