Tim Hortons Rhetorical Analysis

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It's a land of snow and hokey where sunshine only breaks through when our national anthem is on, it’s Canada. Canadians are well adapted to hearing what other countries believe to be true about us, and while we're happy to take the “yes, we are very polite,” but we've had just enough of the incorrect stereotypes. So now, if you don't mind there, here are some true canadian stereotypes. We love hockey. Look, it's our sport. we're really good at it. We don’t apologize for this. And maybe we don't all play it but we will wake up at 6 a.m. for any Olympic playoff to support our team. Tim Hortons is awesome,great coffee, even better donuts but, are we really so addicted to Tim Hortons coffee? Is going on a Tim’s run for a double-double just

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