Rhetorical Analysis: Why Mcdonalds Frries Taste So Good

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Rhetorical Analysis: “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good” When it comes to writing, the hardest part is getting the audience interested in what you have to say. Four techniques writers use to attract readers are the use of ethos, logos, pathos and Kairos in their text. Ethos is a method used to gain trust in the author. Logos uses facts and statistics to add credibility to the author. Pathos is used in stories or experiences to connect the readers emotionally to the text. Kairos is used to determine when is the right time to release your piece of literature. Eric Schlosser, author of “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good”, properly uses these four techniques to persuade his friendly audience to keep on reading. Schlosser, an investigative journalist, already has built ethos for his readers before writing this piece. Schlosser investigates and works hard to get primary information and personal experience to share with those interested, in this case, the fast food industry. Schlosser first begins his article with a quote from Ray Kroc that states,” The French Fry was…almost sacrosanct for me,” (1051) his choice to include this in his introduction was close to brilliant. He is writing to a friendly American audience who very likely has had a French fry or two in their lifetime. However, when he …show more content…

When the audience reads about this they begin to wonder if that statistic specifically refers to them and if there is a problem with eating that amount per year. Eric further informs his audience that the reason McDonalds fries taste so good is from the natural and artificial flavorings added to fries, and most of the processed food in America. He also includes how much revenue the American flavor industries make a year and how many new products they introduce and points out the companies and movements that petitioned for clearer labeling on food products that contain these

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