A Rhetorical Analysis Of Extra-Gum Advertisement

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Extra -Gum Advertisement The purpose of this commercial is to encourage the viewer to realize the importance of a stick of Extra gum in their life. The commercial begins with a tender moment between a new father and his young daughter as he chews a piece of Extra gum and makes an origami bird out of the wrapper. The father’s act of giving an origami gum wrapper to his daughter is repeated through different stages of the daughter’s life: at her birthday, at the beach, at the ball game, at the house with a date, and an emotional moment ending with the father’s discovery that she has always kept the origami birds in a special box. The audience of this commercial is everybody who are chewing gum and there is no age limit. This author used pathos, ethos, and logos to persuade the viewer to buy their gum via emotional triggers and subtle details. When people see this advertisement, they are immediately given a unique perspective of Extra Gum. The author established ethos in the commercial. The commercial has a couple scenes of the daughter as a teenager. In all the scenes prior to that the daughter always gratefully accepted her dad’s origami. As a teenager she practically ignores her father in the scenes. This gave the …show more content…

The most important aspect of this commercial is the pathos, for it is ripe with emotion. This emotion is also emphasized by the mood of the commercial, which evokes very pertinent emotions. Similarly, the ethos and logos of the commercial make the gum brand look very enticing due to the commercial’s focus on the emotional aspects of the gum. Likewise, the commonplaces that the commercial focuses on play an important role in making the advertisement more applicable to the common viewer. Overall, the Extra Gum advertisement effectively persuades the viewer to purchase the

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