Fast Food Rhetorical Analysis

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“In Aristotelian terms, the good leader must have ethos, pathos and logos. The ethos is his moral character, the source of his ability to persuade. The pathos is his ability to touch feelings to move people emotionally. The logos is his ability to give solid reasons for an action, to move people intellectually,” said Mortimer Adler. Many of the greatest artists use ethical, logical, and emotional appeals to prove their points. Eric Schlosser uses various ethical appeals in Fast Food Nation. Michael Pollan uses all sorts of logical appeals in The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Robert Kenner, director of Food Inc., uses numerous emotional appeals. Eric Schlosser claims that our society’s need for fast food has led to horrendous slaughterhouse work conditions, …show more content…

For instance, in the movie, they have a short anecdote about Kevin Kowalcyk, a kid that died at the mere age of two and a half years old because of an E.coli outbreak with the meat in the burgers at the Jack in the Box restaurant, yet the health department officials didn’t do anything about it. This proves what the director is trying to show because it tells you about how really young children have died because the slaughterhouse workers aren’t paying enough attention to whether or not the meat is contaminated, which is costing lives, and nobody has cared enough to do anything about it. Besides being an anecdote, this is also an emotional appeal that proves Kenner’s statement as it makes you feel sad for Kevin and agree that people need to give more consideration to if the food they’re producing is actually good for you. In summary, Robert Kenner uses pathos to prove his outlook. To conclude, many of the most excellent artists, including Eric Schlosser, writer of Fast Food Nation, Mike Pollan, author of, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Robert Kenner, producer of the film, Food, Inc., use ethos, pathos, and logos, to prove their viewpoints. Maybe one day, these appeals will be heard and multiple people will start to make more of an effort to eat healthy and the government will pay heed to the safety conditions in the meatpacking factories and if the meat is safe to

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