The Use Of Logos And Pathos In Writings

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The use of Logos, Pathos and Ethos in writings is a way to persuade the reader, it is away to help the writer have better communication with his audience, mainly in speeches, text, advertisement and many others. Logos appeals to reason based on logic, this involves statistics and facts to help the writer support their claim, which makes it more believable, and it shows the writer has knowledge of the claim they are making which makes the reader believe what the writer is saying is valid and also true. For example if I stated that Taylor Swift was more popular in 2015 than her best friend Selena Gomez was because she had more followers than her and now she is not I should have the statistic to show that so that my audience believe it’s true. …show more content…

The writer is trying to make the audience connect the message conveyed by showing pictures and message that are sad so that the audience can relate it to something they love. For example feed the hungry and needy children advertisement, the pictures of young kids used are mainly to move the viewers and causing them to donate to the charity. In addition, the language that is used is very emotional; this causes the most people who have family member or kids that they emotionally connected to give back to these charities because they would not want to see it happening to their family

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