Effective Use Of Pathos In The Freedom Writers

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In the Freedom Writers Diary, the authors focus on the topic of the reality of what they have to deal with in their everyday world. Their teacher Mrs. Gruwell inspired them throughout their high school years by teaching them that it is possible for each and every one of them to change. They write with an uplifting and hopeful outlook on the world even if it not realistic in their present circumstances. In their writing, they establish an effective use of pathos by writing about their own lives and how they connect to others and us by using the selection of detail, metaphors, and allusions. Through these devices, we come to the idea that even though teenager’s in today’s world are faced with many hardships, they do not have to succumb to them. The students write in great detail to help us understand …show more content…

They use metaphors to help connect their own lives to the lives of others. Whether it is from literary works that they are reading or connecting to each other’s lives. This use is very effective because it helps us to know what is going in the student's lives by connecting with things and sayings that we can understand. Allusions are also a very effective in this piece because it connects the real-life problems that the students are going through with things that everyone can understand. An example of this is when the students compare their lives to the lives of Holocaust survivors. Everyone learns about the Holocaust so it makes it easy for us to understand the hardships that they are going through. Through the use of many rhetorical devices, The Freedom Writers are able to appeal to the audience through Pathos. We are able to understand the difficulties that the students are going through based on the details and example given to us through their writings. Each of the students has a very different life but they are able to look past their differences to work and learn

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