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There are three main senses in writing. Every Piece of literature will contain at least one of three of these senses. What are the three senses? Pathos, logos along with ethos are the main senses of writing. All three of these senses are from the Greek vocabulary. Pathos relate more to the emotional standpoint. Logos are attached to the logical view such as statistics and facts. Ethos is direct from the author. In the article “Culture Of Thin Bites Fiji Teens” Ellen Goodman exhibits all three senses of writing to elaborate on how television shows are affecting teens in Fiji. Goodwin utilizes pathos to prove how television corrupted Fiji. ``You look wonderful! You've put on weight!''(Goodwin) expresses emotion witch would be an example of pathos. If someone says “wow you have really put on some weight!’ most people would take offense to that statement, but not in the island of Fiji. Before 1995, bigger was better. Signs of losing weight were an indication of social problems. As the Fiji natives was invaded by television, they saw how other societies to care of their bodies Fiji lost …show more content…

Being slim along with nice hair and a car is now almost a perceived requirement to get a job in today’s society. Years ago people could get a job from hard work and dedication, now it seems as if people do not reach a high visual standard their work will go unnoticed or almost lucky to get a job. Eating disorders are at an all-time high right now while females’ health is on a down fall. Places such as Hollywood have ignored the connection between image and illness. (Goodman) Fiji was a television-free culture that had their own beliefs Goodwin states, “In just 38 months, and with only one channel, a television-free culture that defined a fat person as robust has become a television culture that sees robust as, well, repulsive.” One television show corrupted an entire culture and tarnished all confidence the islanders

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