A Rhetorical Analysis Of The NBA Website

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As fans of the NBA, we 're always looking for more NBA knowledge. For the rhetorical analysis and insightful observations, the NBA website was critiqued and analyzed. The reason the NBA website exist is due to the fact it provides entertainment and information about the league. Using pathos, logos, and ethos; the website reaches out to everyone from athletes to loyal basketball fans. With careful analyzation and observations, the viewers can see how the creators of the website successfully use pathos addressing emotional appeals, logos that cite facts and statistics, and ethos that builds credibility with facts, memories, and common experiences. In the website, the viewers can clearly see how pathos is used through emotional appeals. For example, the hall of fame consists of inspirational stories and quotes. These inspirational talks deliver a message with an emotional impact. …show more content…

One can easily locate funding, contact information and authority of the website. On a daily basis the website is activated and up to date following a finished game. Credible sources are found in every part of the website showcasing the top and well-known players in the sport. In conclusion, from careful observations pathos and logos is the most commonly used followed by ethos. The creators of the websites used all three, pathos, logos, and ethos effectively throughout the website. This particular website creates excitement to everyone. From videos to current scores, and articles , the website makes one feel as if they were involved in the process. From this assignment I’ve learned how to write an effective rhetorical analysis. One key guide that helped me in the process is breaking down the websites into different parts and then explaining how they work using pathos , ethos, and logos. By pre-writing the analysis it helps to build up the final analysis. The techniques learned helped gather an example of appeals and

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