Forgotten Fruits Analysis

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Some small acts, can change a country. In the magazine article “Forgotten Fruits”, the author, Rowan Jacobsen wrote about the Common Ground Country Fair and John Bunker who brings various apples back to America that made American great. Bunker put different types of apples on display. Then the author introduced information about the apple’s history and also shared about plant apples. The author starts to tell about John Bunker’s story with apples. He talked about how John Bunker was influenced by apples. John Bunker also became an important person for “American apple’s community”. Therefore, there are four points in the article that prove why people like John Bunker are important. They are eager, responsible, and they pay attention to details …show more content…

John Bunker is a person who always pay attention to details. In the article, the author used ethos to describe that John said that “It is about apples and it is not about apples. It is about our agricultural heritage.” (Jacobsen 62). The use of ethos makes audiences think that how important John treats apples are. It is also help the author creates a high credibility to audiences and audiences also feel more truly about the article. The words “agricultural heritage” makes audiences think that he really is professional. The quotation demonstrates that apples endow a deep meaning to John, John also found apples are the historical products for us. That is the detail not everyone can see. Then he inherits about apples and he inherits very well because he brings American various apple. To sum up, John is a person who pays attention to details and people who are like John do important because they always get the key to …show more content…

The author used logos through whole article, he started with the Common Ground Country Fair and he taught about all the things that related to the fair. Then he also end with the fair. It makes audiences feel clearly with his article. He also used pathos and ethos when he was writing through the article. Therefore, the author uses of pathos, ethos and logos in the article and make it not only attractive but also credible and logical. At first, when I just read the title and the abstract, I thought it is a simple article that just talk about that John Bunker brings various apples back to America. However, after I read through all article, I found it is an article that have deep meaning which is talk about the how John Bunker being important to America and why do people like him are important. They are always the contributors of our society. We should learn from this kind of people. It is also our pleasure to hear the story about

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