The Breakfast Club Conflict Analysis

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There are many ways to manage conflict, Each conflict have there own outcome or consequences depending on the type of conflict that is used. In The breakfast club there were many conflict between the five main characters, such as Competing, Avoiding, Accommodating, Collaborating, Compromising. These conflict styles depends on how you solve the problem, and how you react with conflicting parties. Breakfast club film contained various conflict such as Competing(I win, you lose) according to Patterson James, G (2008) author of How to become a better negotiator “In a win lose negotiation the matter at stake involves a fixed value, and each party aims to get as much of that value as possible. Anything gained by one of party is achieved at the expense of the other …show more content…

They try to smooth over or ignore conflict to keep everybody happy, they see conflict as destructive and will give in to others to maintain the peace (Page 38), Bryan is a very good Illustration of accommodation he sacrifice his needs for the group, he share’s his lunch with John, he writes the last easy for the group, he maintain peace among the group when john and andy was arguing. Even though bryan is trying trying to keep the peace in the group, he is has problems with himself and he sense unfairness and inequality throughout the film. Collaborating is a strategy is used in a I win, you win Situation. According to Patterson James “ The problem-solving or collaboration strategy is usually the best approach to win-win negations and the problem- solving strategy is usually the best way to cut through conflict. Make a decision and work toward win-win deals (page 41). In The movie John collaborated with himself and the rest of the group. John addressed both of his own and the groups needs. By sacrificing himself to get caught by the teacher in the

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