How Is John Q And Antigone Alike

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Most people think that Antigone and John Q are completely different but that is not always the case. There are some obvious similarities between them like how Antigone is a girl and John Q is a boy, but those are not all the similarities they have, there are some bigger similarities. The main similarity that not everyone sees is that they are willing to do anything for the one they love; no matter the consequences. In all reality, the play Antigone and the film John Q have a few significant similarities. The first similarity is that Antigone and John Q are willing to die for someone else. Antigone is willing to die just to give her brother a burial. In one part of the play Antigone is in the palace talking to her sister about going to give her brother a burial. She says “Now I go, to pile the burial-mound for him, my dearest brother” (i.18-19). That is not a good idea because the king made a rule for if someone buried Polyneices; they will be killed. John Q on the other hand does not have a king who is going to kill him, or a brother he needs to give a burial for, but he does have a son who needs a new heart. John is willing to kill himself and then give his heart to his own son. In one part of the film John said “I’m not …show more content…

In Antigone, Creon is wanting to put the blame on Ismene and Antigone, for the burial of Polyneices. All because Ismene and Antigone were talking about the burial. When Creon was blaming them both Antigone said, “Justice will not allow this. You did not wish for a part, nor did I give you one” (ii.10-11). John will do anything for his family even if that means he has to hold up a hospital. When John came to the hospital to talk to the doctor about putting his son on the list for a new heart, the doctor said that they do not have enough money for that. John then took the doctor and held up a gun to him and locked up the hospital until someone did surgery on his

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