Who Is Creon The Protagonist In Antigone

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Creon is the protagonist in Antigone, because his motivation throughout Antigone is the stability and wellbeing of Thebes. Moreover, Antigone is the antagonist in Antigone, because her motivation is selfish and deceiving. In Antigone the setting is Thebes post the death of both airs to the throne. Eteocles dies defending his country from his brother Polynieces which died attempting to reclaim his right to the throne. The conflict throughout Antigone is Antigone’s responsibility to bury her brother Polynices and the law created by Creon, the new king of Thebes, which states that “No one shall bury him, no one mourn for him.” (Antigone 59) Antigone proceeds to disobey the law and dies in her own hands to ensure her own martyr status. Antigone is not the protagonist because of her selfish motivation and need to …show more content…

Creon cannot be the protagonist because his intentions were for the order and safety of Thebes. Thebes just lost both of its kings and needed a new ruler that could stabilize the city, keeping it safe from neighboring attacks.
Although Creon might not have been the rightful heir to the throne, he is the best fit character to rule Thebes. Creon steps in because there no longer is a rightful heir to the throne in the blood line. Creon had many reason too next in line to rule Thebes. His motivation was just and honorable; therefore, making him the protagonist. Creon’s law is justified by reason. Since Thebes had two rulers, the people must have been divided on who was the best fit ruler just as the people of the United States compare the Presidential candidates. However, when the brothers go to war with each other the people also go to war, creating tension even after

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