My Dad Is A Liar Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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“My Dad is a Liar” is a heart-wrenching commercial that accurately depicts the sacrifices and challenges of being a parent. This seemingly simple-plotted commercial conveys its intended message and appeals to its audience through the utilization of pathos, ethos, and logos.
Undoubtedly the most notable element is pathos - the appeal to emotion. As a young girl reads this essay throughout the commercial, viewers are provided with look at the world through the unique perspective of a young girl. The dependant often uses superlative adjectives to describe her father, allowing the audience to connect on an emotional level with the family. As the young girl describes her father, the advertisement follows the narration and uses flashback to provide you with insight into the day of this family. As the father walks her to school, the camera shows many other happy families just like theirs, giving the sense of normalcy. All of the sudden, the mood shifts, and with effective use of anaphora, the young girl repeats the words “he lies.” Viewers find that the young girl …show more content…

The fact that he would make every sacrifice for his child's future makes him appeal to the logical person because it's something we can relate to and would do if put in his position. The father is a hardworking, respectable man trying to obtain a job and provide his daughter with the best life can offer. While the primary purpose of the advertisement is to promotes life insurance, subtly, the commercial is selling worry. MetLife, the sponsor of the commercials’, slogan is “Benefits for the if in Life,” and that is exactly what it leaves you asking at the end. The moment the logo appears on the screen, you are left asking “What if?” What if it is all for nothing? What if all my hard work is worthless? MetLife wants to show that through all his hard work, the father cannot change everything about his life, but MetLife gives assurance that it isn’t for

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