Froot Loops Ad Analysis

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Commercial Essay: Froot Loops This ad is for Froot Loops, it shows Toucan Sam in the beginning in front of a horrifying, abandoned house. The ad repeats the phrase “He follows his nose whenever it grows.” This ad is saying in its commercial if you buy Froot Loops then your day will be better and you should always trust your instincts. The demographic is mostly for 0-13 year olds because its cartoon like and most of the time kids are interested in cartoons and since kids love cartoons the parents will end up buying the Froot Loops for them. When Toucan Sam enters the house a ghost knight starts chasing him around. When the ghost knight corners him and when he can't go anywhere the bookcase on the wall flips. The wall reveals a small room, table, and chairs with of course a bowl of fruit loops. The mood in the commercial suddenly changes and everyone is happy. Toucan Sam then tells …show more content…

Advertisers will always try to target the younger audience since there is more of them other than the older audience. When kids see something bright or hear something repetitive then the kids will remember it which causes them to end up buying the product when in the store. Parents want what's right for their kids so if the kid really wants that cereal or item the parents will buy it so the kids requests will be fulfilled. In the ad when saying part of a delicious breakfast, then parents will immediately wanna buy the product because they want their child to be healthy. In conclusion America or just people in general are attracted to big and bold things. Americans or others just have a tendency to look and also be attracted to bigger and better things. Ads are always trying their best to be eye catching so they aren’t forgettable. This ad is just a normal everyday ad, but to some people it could be fascinating. Overall kids’ will always be amazed by these commercials and when you were a kid you probably were

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