How Does Advertisers Target Children

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Over the past twenty years, the amount at which advertisers are advertising to children is astonishing. Advertising directed towards children has estimated at over 15 million annually that’s almost three times more than what it was 26 years ago! Toy companies, fast food places, and retail stores are very eager to target children-maybe even a little too eager. Advertisers are consciously targeting children. Most advertisers are targeting children because they're easier to get hooked on a product. Advertisers target children by using cartoon characters to promote their product which will make the child want the product. Advertisers also target children by having famous sports stars or actors to promote their products. Advertisers will pay millions just to get kids hooked on their products. Advertisers are exposing children to dangerous amounts of advertisements every day and their finding new ways to get past parents. Advertising towards children has gotten so bad that the government is having to step in and new guidelines are being made to on how advertisers advertise to towards children. …show more content…

each day a child sees an ad whether it be on an electronic or a sign/billboard. For instance, in the article “Facts About Marketing Towards Children” a part of the article proves that children are exposed to many advertisements each day,¨The average American child today is exposed to an estimated 40,000 television commercials a year — over 100 a day,”(89) said The Center for a New American Dream. Children are exposed to so many commercials that if you ask a child to sing a jingle they’ve heard from a commercial they will come up with one in a flash. Advertisers are maliciously and continuously advertising towards children. The quote states that an American child on average sees over 100 advertisements a day and that is true, between phones and T.V children do see a lot of

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