Summary Of Kid Kustomers By Eric Schlosser

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Eric Schlosser, the author of “Kid Kustomers”, puts a spotlight on the marketing on children. He starts off by talking about the effect on present day marketing. Companies like phone, oil, and automobile are targeting the children the most. He argues that kid-based companies weren’t that bad in the past, but now there are tons of companies who only focus on children. He has provided a lot of studies that support his explanation on marketing strategies. One strategy is to increase present sales, but also future sales. He says that "growth in children’s advertising has been driven by efforts to increase not just current, but also future consumption” (pg. 354). He is basically saying that targeting children as young as possible will create a “brand loyalty’’. Another marketing research he provided was the study on 7 …show more content…

When children use these tactics they tend to cry, beg and convince their parents to buy them the the things they want. Before companies influence children, they study them. They study children’s social behavior and what their current tastes are. Companies have cultural anthropologists watch children at homes, stores, and restaurants. Schlosser stated that the ‘children’s club’ really helped with increasing sales because it provides “the fundamental needs for a status and belonging of the children’’. Around the 2000’s the children’s club wasn’t as effective because the internet was the new and best way to attract kids.
After reading the article, its clear to see that the author is trying to say that the marketing is stooping to a level so low that they are targeting an audience so young. Children aren't old enough to know what marketing is and to know that these programs and commercials are making everything out to be so appealing specifically to their eyes as to convince them that they must have it all. The advertising and

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