Essay On Gender Roles In Advertising

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Nowadays, in society, the role of male and female have changed dramatically, as opposed to the prominent roles in history. Today women are changing to break out of the mold that which our society has placed her in. This is cannot be when it comes to role representation in the different advertisements. Nowadays different organization from medium to large are spending millions of dollars on developing their marketing strategies. They spent countless hours to study their target audience to study them so that they can attract them a better way to their competitors.
Yet, in the realm of advertisement, there seems to be a fundamental difference in the way men and women are portrayed. The women are portrayed as a sexual object, fragile, and exotic whereas men are portrayed as dominant, powerful, physique, tough, independent, and aggressive. The advertisement today 's plays very important to influence the customer decision, and through various research evidence that gender, sexuality, and advertising are …show more content…

For example Lego, Hasbro, Disney, Mattel, Barbie, Nerf, MEGA Bloks, and Fisher Price. Todays’ children “Generation-Z” have unique characteristics in many ways as compare to past generations. The ad film-makers, advertisers, and marketers always try to formulate new ways to attract their targeted customers, because of its rule the best way you attract to the customer and most likely to change their purchase intention and influence their decisions. The marketers and advertisers here use advertisement which targets the children are always based on anthropomorphism; using of non-living things like cartoons, animations, songs, logos, jingles, and different characters that advertisers keep in mind their audiences to attract the children, i.e. MacDonald, Disney, Barbie are the best example of

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