Argumentative Essay On Child Obesity

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Child obesity is not advertised like the lastest chicken nugget meal, which need to be addressed. There has been a rapid growth in child obesity worldwide. It has now caused a major problem in the health of young children. Center for Diseases Control took a survey in 2011 to 2014, showing that 12.7 million are being affected from the ages of 2 - 19 years old. Fast food restaurants are advertising in children show commercials. In a result of this many people, health officials, and parents are complaining because there has been an increase of child obesity. Children grow up learning healthy eating habits and how to make smart food choices which will continue to follow them as they get older. On the other hand, children growing up with …show more content…

Today McDonald’s has many more competitors such as; Carl’s Jr., Sonic, Chick-Fil-A and Burger King, which now provides kid’s meals with toys. Parents are infuriated by the fact that the free toy is making their children want the unhealthy food, yet they feel obligated to buy the meal to make their child happy. Though these children are still more interested in the popular the toy and will beg their parents to buy the meal from the fast food industry. Nevertheless many parents have stood up against the toys in their child’s meal. In Santa Clara, California there has been a banment of toys in children's meals. Ken Yeager stated in the interview with The New York Times, “the playing field by taking away the incentive to choose fatty, sugary foods over healthier options.” Yeager along with many others are starting to notice that they, children, are reaching for the unhealthy items rather than the healthy items. The children do not ask for the burger and fries, in most cases, it is usually the toy they are after. In April of 2010, the first law of this kind will be allowing these industries to give away toys as long as they do not have excessive calories, sodium, sugar, or

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