Review Of Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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In the book Fast Food Nation, the author, Eric Schlosser provides facts and evidence that fast food isn’t healthy and how they process the food is very bad. At first he starts off by showing every human eats fast food, even at the undercover Military Base in Colorado that is in a mountain. He says that, “almost every night, a Domino’s deliveryman winds up the lonely Cheyenne Mountain Road”, when they have nothing else to eat, says Mr. Schlosser(2). Once you start getting into the book you notice how he is comparing fast food to the Military Base. He goes off starting in the beginning how the first fast food restaurants started and how it led the people to end up making a fast food restaurant. He then starts to say how the French fries are …show more content…

Schlosser writes about how the companies advertise is mainly to the little kids because they are more gullible in a way because they pretty much believe everything. Also the fast food place target them because they know if they can get them hooked they will be hooked on it the rest of their lives. If you think about how you would advertise to a kid what you put in it to make a kid want that item? It’s simple, a toy in a kids meal would grab the little kids attention and once they’ve had it they want more because there’s more than just one toy, there’s a lot more. That makes pretty much makes almost every kid want to come back for more. Also in the advertisements it’s not just focused to the kids, its sent to the parents also. If they say “One free toy in every kid’s meal for only $2.99”, a lot of parents would think it’s a good deal and if it’s getting late and there’s no dinner planned for the night, they will think that the fast food is cheap, convenient, and that the meal is the price you pay for. I have a little sister that’s almost eight years old and if we go through the drive through she always asks for a kid’s meal that comes with a toy, but did you know you can substitute the toy for an ice-cream cone? They “killed one bird with two stones”, in way because they just sold you unhealthy food and just on top of that a dessert. This is another example of how fast food is unhealthy for you and how they trick you to make the unhealthy choice that may seem

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