Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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Most people in this world have, at least one point in their lives, dreamt of having a perfect family, a nice house, a good healthcare plan, an affordable car and the list can go on forever. Imagine a situation where all these desires and hopes of have an enjoyable lifestyle are suddenly taken away from you. Think about a circumstance where you return home to your wife and children and realize that you don’t have enough money to even provide them with basic necessities. According to Eric Schlosser’s, Fast Food Nation, the majority of fast- food industry workers lead poor lifestyles and are financially unstable because they do not receive adequate compensation for their work and do not have a chance to improve the situation due to the power …show more content…

In most of the cases, the older sibling wins because they have much more authority over the younger one and not the other way around. In the case of the fast food industry, the fast food chains and their owners are the older siblings and the workers are the younger siblings. Schlosser, in his book, states, “And the fast food chains have fought against unions with the same zeal they’ve displayed fighting hikes in the minimum wage” (Schlosser pg.75). The managers and owners of these fast food chains have no mercy or sympathy for the lives of their workers. They do everything in their power to benefit themselves. Every time the workers do make an effort to plead for higher wages, they are immediately shut down and so, the workers won’t go farther because they know that they are weak and they can easily lose their job. Furthermore, the Republican Party itself seems to show no pity towards the issue of poverty-level wages. Instead of supporting the low life of a worker, the Republican Party seems to side with the money makers. An article states, “…it has attacked the groups supporting the rights of low wage workers…and are with employers that advise workers to seek Medicare and food stamps” (Logan, pg.2). If the government itself does not stand by the rights of workers, then it is defying its own set of regulations. Humans are entitled to freedom of speech and when workers don’t have a voice because of the government’s oppression, isn’t the American government corrupt? Additionally, “The only policy solutions offered by the GOP would mean more misery for fast food workers and greater financial hardship for middle- class Americans”(Logan, pg.2). In his electoral campaigns, President Trump’s main motto was “Make America Great Again.” He promised that through businesses, America would be considered a great country. How does the Republican Party do this if the

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