The Truth Of Obesity Within The United Sates

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The Truth of Obesity Fast food has been around for decades and it is an industry which will continue to grow, it is because of this main reason why so many Americans are now obese. Along with the lack of education and knowledge that many Americans are decrease their life span. However, obesity has never been such a vast problem as it stands today with its large population of uneducated and fast food hungry Americans. With this massive epidemic that is taking over America, comes many health issues and its targets begin with the children who become addicted to unhealthy but satisfying meals suffering from overweight, high cholesterol, and blood pressure to name a few. This epidemic shouldn’t be such a difficult obstacle to solve by increasing …show more content…

In “Obesity within the United Sates” Richard Dirksen defines obesity as “weighing roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight” (Dirksen 1). The psychical appearance of obesity is something that in most cases is easy to tell. But the side effects of obesity are what remain silent for long periods of time. In most cases people who are obese tend to shy away from others because they feel simply as, if they do not fit in. Yet they continue to live a gluten full life style regardless of what others think as it satisfies their hunger and taste buds which is starting to make obesity a more common trend. The Obesity rate has been increasing as the years been passing on almost “one in three children in America are now overweight or obese” (Dirksen 1). Many children are growing up to be obese and are damaging the parent figure as they will most likely share with their kids their disgusting …show more content…

Many children just eat what they want, they often do not put much thought as to what exactly is going in their mouth whether it will make them sick and drowsy or not they simply eat what their mouth desires; which, in most cases among children is not necessarily the healthiest. Which is why people like Michelle Obama has decided to act on the topic of child obesity “over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled; that nearly one third of children in America are now overweight or obese—one in three” (Obama 350). These statistics are terrifying as they are but the fact that they will continue to rise if people don’t begin to educate children is perhaps even more alarming which is why we need to increase the education among children as soon as possible. But the education of children doesn’t start at school it starts with the parents who are choosing what to feed their

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