Fast Food Who's To Blame Essay

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Fast Food: Who 's to Blame?

Why is it that America is the fattest country in the world? Who’s to blame? The parents or the fast food industries? Since 2000 research has shown that ⅓ of child are now overweight. Teenagers are blaming fast foods industries for their health problems, but no one is forcing them to eat the food. Obesity is a serious issue in the United States now causing some public health groups in california to ask the governor to declare a childhood obesity state of emergency, recording to Daniel Weintraub. I believe that children obesity does start at home and parents are to blame because they are letting their children eat unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, and overall poor choices.

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Parents need to get their children moving in sake of their health. If a parent decides to fed their children cheap fast food than they better have the knowledge that it is unhealthy and needs to motivate their children to do some form of daily exercise. It does not hurt to get their children running out in the background or going swimming in the public pool with all the other kids for at least an hour. Parents need to be more responsible to motivate their children to practice healthy exercising habits so they can live a healthy life.

The lack of poor choices have swept children and parents all across the country. Children now prefer to sit in front of the TV or play videogames for hours instead of going outside and playing with friends. Without any parental supervision. Parents need to be more responsible and force their children outside for an hour to play and run instead of sitting on the couch all day.

For my personal opinion I believe the parents are to blame for our public health. Parents need to be more responsible for their children 's eating choices of unhealthy eating and the lack of exercise. I believe that lawmakers need to set a law for children to have daily exercise. Children are the future of our nation and we need to protect them the best we

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